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2016 Year End Review

Hi Sewcialites!

Can you believe that there are literally 3 minutes left until the end of this year?

While this year surely held its fair share of disappointing moments, I am still ending it with a blessed, humbled and grateful heart as I take this time to reflect on a few of the notes I’ve put in my “gratitude jar”.


  1. Completing my first indoor triathlon.
  2. Moving into a new home.
  3. Having my  FIRST EVER “Sip & Sewcialize” sponsored by the Botanical Gardens of Birmingham.
  4. Being invited & attending Diner En Blanc.
  5. Completing a 200 mile relay with 11 awesome ladies (6 who are now new friends of mine).
  6. Partnering with one of my sewing crushes,  Nikki of “A Fashion Addict”, to host an awesome fabric and pattern giveaway (be on the lookout for my January 2nd post).
  7. Forming a business partnership with Kim of ItsSewKim
  8. Getting hired as one of the Education Coordinators for JoAnn Fabrics
  9. Launching my Facebook Sew-Along Group
  10. Serving as the interim Email Account Manager of THE Sharon Beason of
  11. Getting my beginner DSLR Camera…just to name a few.

While there is one other blessing I’d like to share, I’ll hold off and share at a later tme. Just know, it was the perfect pre-Christmas gift to help round out the year.

In the few remaining minutes of 2016, it is my prayer that you’ll join me in your own personal  time of reflection…for all good things deserve to be celebrated…including just being your most awesome self!

While I’m already preparing for the good things of 2017 and looking forward to saying “goodbye” to 2016, I can truly say the above moments will forever be cherished.

The  year 2016 was definitely a year of stepping outside of my comfort zone. While it may have been uncomfortable at times, I’m truly grateful for the growth. So as I end this post, I’d like to encourage you to step out your comfort zone in 2017. When you do, please share as I’d love to hear from you.

So how are you ending 2016?  Have you begun preparing for 2017?

Well lovelies, its time for me to turn in. Until next time…

Be blessed, be free, be you!


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