Basic Sewing Kit: Including My Favorite Sewing Tools

Below is a list of MY sewing MUST HAVES:

  1. Sewing Machine (Highly recommend the Brother CS6000i for beginner sewers)
  2. Gutterman Thread
  3. Extra Bobbins (use those recommended in your user manual)
  4. Extra Needles
  5. Scissors or Rotary Cutter (One for paper  and one for fabric…never mix the two)
  6. Cutting Mat (if using a rotary cutter)
  7. Glass Head Straight Pins
  8. Tape Measure (I love my MOOD tape measure!)
  9. Seam gauge
  10. Seam ripper
  11. Fabric Marking Tool (I prefer the Clover Rolling Chalk Pen)
  12. Pin cushion  ( I prefer my magnetic pin holder)
  13. Plastic Bin (to keep your supplies in one place)
  14. Pattern weights ( I use large washers, cheaper than pattern weights, about 35 cent per washer or purchase a box for approx. $10)
  15. Yard Stick (can purchase from home improvement store (paint section generally, made of wood, $1)
  16. Sticky Pad/Painters Tape (use as a more visible seam allowance guide marker)

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